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ponder* helps clients identify and take action on customer & buyer insights so that they can make bold strategic decisions and tackle growth objectives with confidence.

You won’t find what you need in your echo chamber.

It's easy to fall into the trap of using outdated market research or the same old customer success stories (that were probably embellished to begin with) rather than real-time customer insights

Leaning on internal biases and assumptions rather than deeply understanding what customers want and how they make buying decisions is a risky leap of faith.

Your growth efforts can’t keep up with changing markets and the competitive landscape

You need a common internal framework and language for understanding customer needs & demand

Ad-hoc customer and market research aren’t producing the tangible customer or business outcomes you desire

"We knew we needed to listen to the market, but when we talked to consumers, everyone just heard what they wanted to hear. ponder brought objectivity, credibility, leadership, and a methodology that helped us get unstuck in order to make big decisions."

Damien Du Chene, Chief Business Officer at Dreem

Welcome to ponder*

A customer insights studio.

We help you develop a deep understanding of customer desires, demand, and assure a continuous stream of actionable customer insights so you can get unstuck and make big decisions.

"ponder’s work enabled us to make brand positioning and messaging decisions that were actually rooted in customer feedback and sentiment. They took the care to ask the right questions and analyze the results so we had clear insights that could inform our strategy. More than a year later, we are still actioning on a number of the insights uncovered."

Heather McKinnon, Head of Brand at

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Jobs-to-Be-Done Research

Customers are rarely buying what you think you are selling

Develop a common language & framework for talking about customers Jobs to be Done, constraints, demand catalysts, value differentiation, and trust building in order to drive product & Go-to-Market strategy cross-functional alignment

Win-Loss Intelligence Programs

Actionable insights that help Go-To-Market teams identify bugs in the buyer’s journey

It’s common for 80% of Closed-Lost and Churn CRM data to be wrong.

There are actionable golden nuggets waiting to be uncovered in understanding why you win, why you lose, and what to do about it in order to inform strategy and drive efficient growth.

Achieve clarity in how customers make decisions at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Simulated Sales

Because positive feedback and real demand are far from the same thing

De-risk growth initiatives with a methodical approach to market testing net-new addressable customer segments or product offerings.

Intimately understand variations in customers desires, pains, value assessment, and buying habits so that you can position differentiated solutions based on market & competitive intel, while simulating the viability of solution offerings and proposed Go-to-Market strategy.

“I have engaged with the Ponder team on several occasions at multiple companies. They are part of my playbook b/c of the powerful insights they help me uncover. They are doing much more than just research; they bring INSIGHTS into the business that adds value on top of just the data. Their team is a partner and one that I see as a strategic advantage in designing go to market processes that meet my customers’ needs.”

Jimmy Speyer, CRO